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Want a personal training session suitable for you?

Work with one of our experienced personal trainers to create a 

workout plan that's tailored to your body now and moves you to what your health and fitness goals are. 

Our fully trained and qualified trainers will take the guesswork out of your workout, so you can achieve more with the time you have.

There are a number of featured training formats available with our personal trainers:

One-on-One Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions are built around your personal goals, your fitness pace and schedule. You will start with a one-on-one assessment with the trainer and work out what the best plan of attack is for you.

Partner Sessions

It's fun when you have someone to share a workout and challenge yourself against. If you have a friend that shares the same workout goals as you do, why not train together.

Our Personal Trainers will work with you both to ensure you both meet your health and fitness goals while having fun doing so.

Group Sessions

Share your successes as a team! If you have a small group that you would like to workout together, our trainers can provide small group fitness training in our gym.

Depending on your health and fitness goals, these workouts will be designed to suit all fitness levels and encourage you all to reach your goals.

Express Sessions

Lets face it – we are all short on time, but it doesn't mean we can't fit in a quick workout.

If you are in need of a quick but very effective workout, our express sessions with a personal trainer is for you. We can create sessions that push you to your limit with only 25 minutes on the clock.

Have kids? Why not use our Kids Station for their entertainment while you get your workout in.



Personal Trainer
"My goal is to always help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals“


Personal Trainer
"I help women feel strong and be more confident in the gym“


Personal Trainer
"To get fit you need to get started“


Personal Trainer
"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone“


Personal Trainer
"Any goal is possible if you're just persistent enough“


Personal Trainer
"What you focus on, grows“


Personal Trainer
"The body achieves what the mind believes“