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Personal Trainer: Chelsea

I am an Australian fitness model competitor, sports model competitor, brand ambassador and sponsored athlete. I live and breathe a healthy and active lifestyle. My passion for the health and fitness industry along with my own personal experience of overhauling my lifestyle that has driven me to inspire and help others to do the same, no matter what your starting point or mind set is. Through increasing my knowledge around nutrition and training through studying at the Australian Institute of Fitness I know I have changed my life for the better and this is a lifestyle approach I am able to happily maintain. I eat a healthy wholesome diet, work hard in the gym but also recognise the importance of rest and balance in life.

I am a more confident and happy person since introducing the health and fitness industry into my life and eager to share my knowledge with people to help transform and educate others in achieving their own personal goals like I have mine, turning goals into reality.


Australian Institute of Fitness Certificate III and IV, Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Level 1, Kettlebell Specific Training, Suspension Specific Training, First aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Strength Training, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Competition Bodybuilding.

"Every morning you have two choices; continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and make them happen"